Terms of Use

Company’s Liability

  • The company is obliged to Maintaining the website at all time
  • The company is obliged to serve payments on a biweekly basis. Each payment period lasts 5 days (from 1st till 5th and from 16th till 20th respectively);
  • The company is obliged to give clarification or information about the order;
  • The company is obliged to resolve problematic situations with customers and report the outcome to writer.

Writers Liability

  • The writer is obliged to deliver original work.
  • All sources must be verifiable, i.e. the writer must be able to provide access to the sources/scans of the used pages per client’s request;
  • The number of written pages should correspond to the full number of ordered pages;
  • The number of sources cited should coincide with the number of in-text citations;
  • The writer is obliged to conduct revisions for free, except for the cases when revision instructions contradict the initial ones.
  • The writer is obliged to deliver the assignments within the deadline specified in the order details;
  • The writer is obliged to provide valid contact information and be reachable for the period of working on the assignment;
  • The writer is obliged to deliver high quality work that corresponds to the basic English grammar rules.

Other Rules

  1. The deadline can be extended under condition that you upload the draft showing your progress. All other instances of lateness may result in fines defined by the order outcome;
  2. The client may not approve the paper right after checking it, therefore, the company reserves the right to auto-approve the order if the client does not show up within 5 days
  3. The payment is issued for approved/auto-approved orders only;
  4. By receiving the writer account at EssayTipz.com you agree to follow Terms and Conditions;
  5. By receiving an account, the writer agrees to transfer all the economic intellectual property rights to the Product to the Company. Therefore, it is prohibited to publish/sell/share the Product with any third parties;
  6. Your balance should be over $25 in order to get paid.
  7. Buying and selling accounts is strongly prohibited. The management has the right to withhold payment and request to verify the account by providing scans of an account owner holding and ID or provide personal payment details (i.e. Payoneer account registered on the account owner). In case the writer fails to verify an identity management has the right to:
    1. Deny payment to anyone but a person whose credentials have been submitted during the registration;
    2. Terminate an account